Monday, August 29, 2016

Something Amazing Has Happened!

Back in February, I wrote this post about a young man in church and how he inspired me.

I didn't even know his name at the time, but God kept pushing me to write a letter telling of the influence he had when he opened his heart to our congregation. I followed God's instruction and mailed an anonymous letter telling how inspired I was by his omission and vulnerability.

Yesterday, he (Matt and his wife, Hannah) spoke in front of the church to declare his call to the ministry! He asked us all for prayers on his journey and described his path up until that point--including how he'd ignored what God was telling him for some time now.

I smiled up at the cross knowing that in some small way, God put us in each other's path as strangers to accomplish His will. Hallelujah!

God is Amazing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Answered Prayers!


I've been prayerful to hear this news for years now and I can't tell you how many emotions are coursing through me right now!

Praise God, hallelujah!

Now, to pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby.
I love you, Sissy and Beaner!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

A Vote for Trump Is A Vote Against Christianity

Throughout Donald Trump's morally reprehensible political campaign, I've been left wondering why so many of my (Conservative) Christian brethren have voiced their support of this buffoon.

It's simple to notice that Trump does not hold any Christian ideals. Granted, it's not a requirement that the highest office of the land be occupied by a Christian, but AS Christians, the way in which we behave, therefore vote, matters. It should be our goal that a moral, respectful, thoughtful and fair individual be elected as our next president.

I understand that Hillary is "not perfect", but who is? The thing is, Trump is so far into the wrong, he's actually dangerous. He promotes hatred, violence and prejudice. Would Jesus refuse to help a Muslim? Would Jesus disrespect and objectify women as Trump does? Would Jesus refuse to admit a Mexican into his home?

Of course not.

I most often hear, "Hillary's a liar." Well, so is Trump. Aren't we all?
The fact is, Hillary is rated in the Top 10 of Most Honest Politicians per Pulitzer Prize winning, PolitiFact.
Hillary Clinton's Truth-O-Meter Check that against Donald Trump's Truth-O-Meter (YIKES)

I also hear "I don't want another Clinton in the office." There may be some reasoning there, but Hillary is not Bill. This seems like a weak argument to me.

This article by Benjamin L. Corey  highlights 5 great questions for Christians who support Trump:
5 Serious Questions For Christians Who Support Trump (click the link for more detail)

5. How are you able to support someone who is famous for unwholesome talk and constantly putting people down?
4. How are you able to support someone who speaks so poorly to women?
3. How do you deal with the conflicting imagery of Jesus dying for his enemies, with Donald Trump’s constant calls to torture them– and even kill their families?
2. What changed between Bill Clinton and now? Don’t you think you owe him an apology? (This is a good one--food for thought)
1. Are you feeling okay? (No. Seriously. Are you?)

I've heard a few mentions of Clinton's more liberal stance on abortion. Hey, I get it. I'm admittedly torn on the abortion issue. While I'd like to make a blanket statement and say it's a simple answer, it's not. My morals, faith and experience tell me it's wrong. I honestly believe ALL life is a gift and meant to be for God's greater purpose. I recognize it as a sinful act. I'm just not sure what our government's roll in that should be. Education, better/easier access to adoption programs, etc., are needed. How much control should the government have over the choice a woman/couple should have... I don't know. I pray for clarity, but for now I still struggle with it deeply.

That said, Hillary's more liberal stance on abortion doesn't dissuade me. The main reason being, it's highly unlikely Roe v. Wade will ever be overturned and it has little to do with the sitting President. Also, I literally do not believe a single word out of Donald Trump's mouth. He'll support the Pro-Life movement now to gain votes, but I feel no confidence he would uphold that position if the direction of the wind changed. Or if a couple million dollars happen to jump into his bank account...

Take out of this what you will, but you can rest assured my vote will be safely outside of the GOP zone. I don't care to infect our country (or the world for that matter) with an STD.
"Stop The Donald." ;)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Everyone Under the Rainbow is my Neighbor

Wow. What a day.

To hear the news that (at the time of this writing), 49 were killed and 53 were injured at a nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida is heartbreaking. It is the worst mass-shooting in American history. This marks a sad day indeed.

After the initial shock, I became angry. How can anyone justify taking another life? HOW?!
I’ve fallen back into despair, so I’m not able to conjure the full-blown rage I felt earlier. Now, I’m sullen and reflective on the loss and grief surrounding our country and the multiple communities affected by this world-wide.

I hardly know what to say, except this:

Love thy Neighbor.

Love thy Elderly Neighbor
Love thy Homeless Neighbor
Love thy Homosexual Neighbor
Love thy Transsexual Neighbor
Love thy Homophobic Neighbor
Love thy Poor Neighbor
Love thy Rich Neighbor
Love thy Black Neighbor
Love thy Islamic Neighbor
Love thy Atheist Neighbor
Love thy White Neighbor
Love thy Immigrant Neighbor
Love thy Jewish Neighbor
Love thy Disabled Neighbor
Love thy Christian Neighbor

Mark 12:30-31 New International Version (NIV)
30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.”

The greatest commandment does not say “Love your perfect neighbor.” It doesn’t command us to love only those who agree with us, practice our faith and vote for identical ballots. It doesn’t command us to hate people. We are commanded to LOVE. Christian or not, humanity depends on each of us being kind, respectful and loving one another. We cannot and will not survive as a society without love.

Love = Eternal Life.
Hate = Eternal Death.

Nothing qualifies us to judge each other. Minister to those who oppose you with love. Only love can lead the misguided into God’s light. I implore you to beg God for a listening heart. Shut out the outside voices and influences and focus solely on God’s guiding force. Be a positive force for God’s army and lead with a loving example. Hatred toward your fellow man will only breed more hate and hate is the greatest of all sins.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

God Made Us

Shouldn't we be happy as God made us? Clearly, He had a plan and all of what makes us is part of that.

I saw a meme on facebook today, demanding that foreign born people renounce the flags of their birth country, if they were to become citizens of America.

How does this make any sense?

Would an American renounce the American flag if they moved anywhere outside the country? Would most American's stop speaking their native language and immediately start to adapt to that of which they traveled? Shouldn't we be proud of how God made us? He is our leader, ruler, king. We have no right to hate anyone and their race, ethnicity and location of birth shouldn't even be a factor in how we view a person.

Why do so many Americans view themselves as superior to a person born of another country? In many ways, it's a blessing to be born in a "free" country, such as this, but it doesn't make us better or worse than another. For one moment, have empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of the refugee who was displaced because of war, famine and disease. Imagine being parents raising daughters in a country where they have no rights to an education. America is the land of opportunity--who are we, as citizens, to squander it?

We are all God's people. Remember that if He can love us all, we can make more of an effort to love each other.

Money, fear, prejudices, resentment, anger, confusion and ignorance shouldn't keep us from loving our fellow man. It is our duty as Christians, as HUMANS, to care for one another. You don't know what's in another person's heart, so don't attempt to judge it by their external appearance.

We should each take pride in how God made us and where He chose for us to be born. It shapes who we are and reflects part of His divine plan.

Mark 12:30-31New International Version (NIV)

30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.”